Dress Code

I see where American Airlines was turning passengers away for violating their dress code. Apparently, one or more teenage girls were wearing leggings, which was not up to company standards in the opinion of the highly-trained, fashion-savvy, senior-executive-level gate agents.

I do remember when airline flight involved men wearing suits and women dresses, complete with white gloves. Of course, back then, airlines treated customers like guests and even provided an actual meal—no grabbing a dried up old sandwich in the terminal and an overpriced bottle of water—the meals were served on plates, with coffee cups and saucers. Gate agents were courteous. Although quite over-the-top, flight attendants (stewardesses—a man couldn’t get a job as a flight attendant) were required to meet certain levels of attractiveness in terms of weight, makeup, and the latest fashionable uniform.

May I suggest a compromise? The airlines can start by losing the “passengers are like cattle” attitude and start being a little nicer; stop trying to cram 16 extra passengers onto each aircraft by designing seats that mimic medieval torture devices. Next, they can stop gouging us for checking bags to the tune of billions of dollars per year. Maybe then we can talk and compromise on the dress code for the airline passenger. It would probably be best if we chatted over the free meal and coffee (in cup and saucer) during the flight.

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