Write, Wrong, or Whatever

I haven’t been able to write as many blogs lately because I’ve been sitting by my phone or computer waiting for people to send me photos of their latest meal. No! Really! It’s apparently the latest thing.

Okay, actually. I spent the last weekend in Virginia Beach. My wife and I walked miles and miles—on the beach side, on the touristy shoppe side, and everywhere in between. Being local, we did not purchase salt water taffy, T-shirts with semi-obscene sayings, nor even hermit crabs (my weakness on our last trip). We did, however, have a number of amazing meals, and a fantastic time just being together.

However, around the strolls, meals, naps (Excuse me, but once I received my Medicare card, I began to believe that naps are a medical necessity—at least on weekends) I did get a lot of writing done on one of my stories. I have no idea if it is going to end up as a short story, a novelette (which is a contradiction in terms), or perhaps something else. All I can say is that when the protagonist (or, the antagonist, depending upon your point of view) is a not-quite-dead guy, the story takes a lot of writing, rewriting, editing, etc.

Should I blog the story? ePublish it? Try to get one of the n^99 cable channels to make it into a mini-series?

All I can say is, stay tuned!

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