One Shot

We all get one shot in this life—one shot to make a difference. One shot to leave an indelible mark behind us.

I read about the suicide bomber in Manchester and am appalled that anyone—and it appears to be quite a few—believes that the way to please God is to murder innocent children. The media feels compelled to share this information with everyone, repeatedly, with no good reason.

I know that for every sociopath there are millions who help neighbors; for every psychopath there are millions who donate time and money to worthy charities. I thank God for that. It’s too bad that the news media has a fetish for sharing all the details they can find about Salman Abedi Flaming Idiot 201705#1—where he grew up, where he went to school—and dropped out,, as well as his family. The police and intelligence agents trying to prevent future attacks need detailed information, not the general public. he should be treated as the nameless, faceless creature who chose to not be part of the human race. He squandered his one shot.

The only reason for the media to dwell on the details is to sell more advertising. Are they advertising hemorrhoidal cremes, erectile dysfunction drugs, or something else. Why don’t we just label these in-depth stories for what they are—recruiting ads for murderous fringe groups? The media glorify the worst among us. This is easiest for those who have only a casual relationship with the truth, malleable social mores, and no concept of one’s responsibility to society.

Twenty-two killed, 64 who were injured with 20 in critical conditions—most of them will never have their one shot.

Flaming Idiot 201705#1 used his to kill and wound the innocent.

The media pissed theirs away long ago.

Now—how are you going to use your one shot?


One response to “One Shot

  1. Rick Martinez

    Steve, you’re post is absolutely correct about the BIASED MEDIA–and your call to identify these Islamic Terrorists and killers for the hyena slaughterers they are. As you know these Islamic killers believe their terrorist acts will take them to heaven and render unto them 13 virgins. But everyone knows martyrdom has always been a proof of the intensity–never the correctness–of a belief. Islam is a religion in which God requires them to send sons and daughters to die for it. Christianity, on the other hand, is a faith in which God sent his Son to die for us.

    In Palestine before leaving to visit the Pope, President Trump called them LOSERS. The world heard President Trump say, ”Drive them out. Drive the evil doers out. Evil LOSERS are not going to heaven but to hell. They do not worship either God or contribution, goodness, decency, life, living, being, or doing—but death and destruction—and must be driven out of our midst and our nations. They are evil LOSERS.”

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