Write? Right!

Most of my writing time has been allocated to preparing training materials for hurricane season. Amateur radio operators provide the additional communications needed in a disaster or backfill communications systems that have failed. I’ve been teaching classes each month for one to two hours, so that takes time.

I’ve also been working on my story/mini-novellette/novelette or whatever. When I wrote a series of short stories, I could imagine a scenario and know how the cast of characters would react. This is different because I do not yet intimately know the characters. However, it is coming along better than I expected. I’ve always been fascinated by the side plots and unexpected twists and turns in good stories. What started out as a linear story is developing its own twists and turns and is insistent when I need to add a new character.

I hope that once it’s all done, it’s worth reading.

One response to “Write? Right!

  1. Rick Martinez

    Thank you, Steve, for keeping us updated on your writing. I’ve got to tell you that the “titles” of your recent posts are intriguing, “Write, Right!” I was just thinking about something similar that’s been happening to me.

    When things happen in our life that we don’t plan, we often find ourselves trying to reason it all out or looking for a place to “file” it all in our mind. What happens when we can’t find a “file” to put it in? What if we can’t make sense of it all and it bothers and disrupts us?

    We all need to create a file in our thinking called an “I Don’t Understand It” file. When things come up that don’t make sense or we can’t figure out, instead of getting frustrated or confused, simply put it in our “I Don’t Understand It” file and leave it alone. Don’t carry frustration in our daily lives and surely not into whole seasons of opportunities and new beginnings.

    Keep believing, keep praying, keep being grateful and thankful. Let go of what you don’t understand, of what hasn’t worked, and get ready to see the desires of your heart be realized.

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