As I wrote last time, we practiced over the weekend to deal with communications during a major disaster. Dealing with death and major destruction requires a set of skills that, ideally, we’ll never need.

Today, on the other hand, I’m celebrating twenty years of marriage with my wife. Someone I will always need. Between the two of us we have gotten through everything life has sent our way. There have been blessings, especially our children and there have been challenges—like our children’s bedrooms. To which I’m sure every parent can relate.

To quote George Peppard’s character on the A-Team, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

Thanks, baby, for being the glue that made it come together and stay together.

One response to “Opposites

  1. Rick Martinez

    Congratulations, Steve—to you and your wife, on 20 years of marriage. We may not realize it or even believe it, but love really is the underlying quality that keeps us giving and accepting the love we seek and get long after we get it. And like you so nicely wrote: Love is the glue that makes mom, dad and family all come together and stay together. Continued blessings be to you, your wife, your marriage, and your family.

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