Disasters 101

It is no surprise to anyone that when a big storm—like Harvey—hits, the power goes out.

Many people, on the other hand, are surprised that the internet, house phone, and cell phone service goes out.


They all rely on electricity, and even though there are backup batteries, etc., they have a finite life—a very finite life—and that’s if the cell towers don’t get blown down.

If your cell phone worked and you were sitting on your roof, would you call 911? Of course, so how would everyone in a similar situation react?

So, how do the shelters communicate? Who tells the Red Cross who to list on their “alive and well” list?

Amateur (ham) radio.

So next time you see a ham radio antenna in your neighborhood, think of it as your lifeline in case of an emergency.

One response to “Disasters 101

  1. Thank you, Steve, for bringing up an important matter in reference to Hurricane Harvey. No, not about Ham Radios, rather LIGHT and all that LIGHT symbolizes. As I’ve told you many times my good ‘ol Mexican dad was not a formally educated man and was a drinker—and we had lots of great conversations when I was a kid and he had lots of off the cuff answers, explanations and stories.

    For example, regarding “the negativity of darkness,” dad and mom had plenty of stories upon arriving here to America from Mexico. They told us of their humiliating experience about being forced to take a shower before crossing the border. Yet, dad never allowed “dark thoughts of the past” to shackle, anchor or depress him, nor “gloomy thoughts of a difficult future” to make him anxious. Dad and mom’s focus was on citizenship, opportunity and BEING FREED to “meet life,” enjoy healthy relationships, and be personally and professionally fulfilled. He said DARKNESS NEVER WINS. The moment LIGHT comes into a room, DARKNESS scatters. Just turn on any LIGHTswitch …and DARKNESS is gone. The same will be true of the American spirit and will in Texas and throughout our country: That LIGHT will scatter the darkness.

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