Daily Archives: October 21, 2017


So many contrasts amaze me. For example, when I was young and still in school, the weekend gave me the opportunity to work 8 hours—perhaps on both days—then go out on a date and stay up until the wee hours. Again, that was after 5 days of school, homework, and a few hours work after school most nights.

Now, well, let’s just say that Bob Seeger nailed it, albeit subtly years ago, when he sang, “Now sweet sixteen’s turned thirty-one. You get to feelin’ weary when the work day is done.” Thirty-one was a long time ago, but I remember things starting to change at that age. Of course, I was working full time in a hospital, in a job that included frequent call backs at all hours; I was finishing my bachelors at night school; and then, of course there was the family with two little ones. Chores around the house, etc.

Sad to say, at thirty-one I was almost a bundle of energy compared to today.

On the other hand, back then, I was convinced I had all the answers and was going to change the world in some way. Now, I don’t even know the questions.

However, the world has changed in ways far beyond my wildest dreams—but then my wildest dreams expected flying cars.