So many contrasts amaze me. For example, when I was young and still in school, the weekend gave me the opportunity to work 8 hours—perhaps on both days—then go out on a date and stay up until the wee hours. Again, that was after 5 days of school, homework, and a few hours work after school most nights.

Now, well, let’s just say that Bob Seeger nailed it, albeit subtly years ago, when he sang, “Now sweet sixteen’s turned thirty-one. You get to feelin’ weary when the work day is done.” Thirty-one was a long time ago, but I remember things starting to change at that age. Of course, I was working full time in a hospital, in a job that included frequent call backs at all hours; I was finishing my bachelors at night school; and then, of course there was the family with two little ones. Chores around the house, etc.

Sad to say, at thirty-one I was almost a bundle of energy compared to today.

On the other hand, back then, I was convinced I had all the answers and was going to change the world in some way. Now, I don’t even know the questions.

However, the world has changed in ways far beyond my wildest dreams—but then my wildest dreams expected flying cars.

One response to “Weekends

  1. Thank you, Steve. As always a thought provoking post. Being that I’m a bit older than you–by about 80 years–I get a bit nostalgic about my youthful years–say up to about 65. Heck, I was full of energy and dreams, and that included every day of the week and weekends.

    I was never gifted with innate intelligence and my good old, tough Mexican dad apparently knew that–so we were driving around his farm on a rainy day when no one was working and dad asks me if I am lucky. I think about it –and dad yells at me and says “If you have to think about, you’re not. Ask me if I’m lucky?” So I asked, “Dad are you lucky?” And dad shouted, “I’m very lucky. I’m so lucky I’m blessed. Look around you and see all these beautiful fruit trees. Are they given to just anyone to care for?”

    Dad said, “Believe you’re lucky. Ask for it. Ask for anything you want and believe it. Ask for confidence, intelligence, and A grades, how to read better, how to learn, ask for your dreams to come true, and everything you want to become and do.” Well, that was at age 8, and guess who got a lot of girlfriends over the years–during the week and weekends?

    Today I know luck is blessings–and we must practice believing–even now in retirement at my age. There are flying cars, Steve–even though I’ve never dreamed of flying one. But I’ve dreamed of lots of others things and YOU know they’ve become reality. Blessings B2U.

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