Bill Gates Dethroned!

CNN reported (so we know it’s absolute gospel) that Bill Gates is no longer the world’s richest man.

In our younger years, I was not a huge fan of Bill Gates—but then, in fairness, he was totally oblivious with regard to me. My disdain was intentional, while his indifference was due to his ignorance of my very existence.

(Sorry, but a chance to call Bill Gates ignorant was just too tempting!)

So just where is it that Gates’s wealth is disappearing?

Last I heard, he and his wife (and I suspect she is in no way an innocent bystander) were frittering away their fortune on suppressing diseases, improving sanitation, and promoting better agriculture in third world countries. Even worse, either they’ve dragged Warren Buffet in on the debacle—or (shudder) he dragged them.

They are upsetting the natural world order.

The one-percent have maintained a stable world by taking their profits, golden parachutes, stock options, bribes, embezzlements and other esoteric instruments of wealth, and securing them through multiple shell corporations in off-shore tax shelters. They understand the need for yachts the size of frigates and two or three palatial homes on each continent (except Antarctica—it’s cold there without being cool).

Now Gates and his ilk are going to upset the apple cart. The next thing you know, polio and maybe even tuberculosis will disappear—just like smallpox.

All this disorder, because of a few malcontent billionaires.


Bill and Melinda, I hope you’re happy with endangered species, like polio, being threatened, just because they’re life-threatening diseases; with people seeing their children grow up rather than dying from measles; with dysentery giving way to sanitary sewers; with people in third world countries able to grow enough food to survive.

With all the havoc you’ve created, how do you sleep at night?

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