Daily Archives: January 2, 2018


Hey! It’s a new year!

Or is it?

We have all kinds of versions of time. We have lunar calendars, solar calendars, Julian calendars, Gregorian calendars, Judaic calendars, Islamic calendars, Chinese calendars, and, of course, the Mayan calendars—just to name a few.

So, what does 2018 mean?


Today, GPS satellites keep time on earth synchronized, but there’s nothing mystical, magical, or monumental about that. It’s more like the stacks of papers that I create when preparing to file my income tax paperwork. Just an attempt to make order out of chaos. It’s 2018, because we say it’s 2018.

Nevertheless, for a new year, or a new day, or a new moment—whatever your measure:

  1. Count your blessings.
  2. Help someone important to you.
  3. Help someone you don’t know (through a blood drive, a food pantry, or whatever).
  4. See yourself as an agent for changing things, no matter how tiny, for the better. Imagine if 1 percent of the 7.53 billion people on earth each made a 1 percent improvement. Wouldn’t that be a great start?