I surrender.

I still am not thrilled with WordPress and their dictatorial attitude. After ten years of using WordPress in one fashion, having to change is disconcerting.

You see, I try to have interesting content which means my thinking is applied to the ideas in the blog, not on how to adjust to a different writing style. I’m not a total Luddite, but Microsoft Word has more options and is easier to use. At my age, black type on a white page or screen is easy to read. WordPress, however, thinks that a slightly washed out blue is what I should be using.

I get tired of self appointed elites thinking they know what I should use or what I should do better than I do.

Okay, my rant is now complete. Next time I’ll try to write something interesting.


2 responses to “Surrender

  1. I’m sorry you’re going through this with WordPress, but I’m glad you’re sacrificing yourself for me and perhaps others. YOU see, after all these years–believe it or not–I’m on the threshold of launching my own blog. But I don’t which source to use. I thought it was going to WordPress. You’ve got to let me know and stir me right.–rick

    • Rick,
      WordPress is still probably the best that I know of. As I get older, however, I believe the following:
      1. What’s the use in getting older if you don’t get a hat? (I now wear fedoras.)
      2. Once someone (uh hmmmm, WordPress) gets me comfortable with something, and they change it, I GET CRANKY!
      3. I’ve been nice to so many people who didn’t deserve it for so many years, when I am paying for something, even if it’s just the URL, I’m entitled to GET CRANKY!
      4. If you ever watch Jeff Dunham, the ventriloquist, I’m getting more and more like Walter.

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