A Slight Diversion

Just an update —–

I’ve continued to work on my story, but there is my day job, and, because of my interest in electronics, I recently acquired a 3-D printer kit and assembled it over the weekend. That’s the problem with radio–it entices you to keep on wanting to learn new things.


I’m working on learning the software, so I haven’t printed any three-dimensional thingies just yet.

Don’t worry, I consulted with the key characters in my story, and they approved. They told me it’s what they would have done.

One response to “A Slight Diversion

  1. Hola Steve: Just so you don’t forget to remember, we all have our daytime jobs–and our avocations. But, then, persons like yourself have God-given gifts–which we must given and shared, like writing. I saw the photo of your 3-D printer and it reminded me of a down .5 tesla MR machine we were testing at UCLA back in the early 1970s. Scared me! Yet, even your avocation can be used in your role as a writer “to lift people up, to help man endure by lifting his heart.” Sounds a bit lofty, I know. Yet, what we are shown to experience is what shapes our mind. Not cynicism. Not Disparagement. Not fake news. But how we see and feel the world is working. What empowers our moral imagination is to envision how the world could work better. Everyone wants more of that morality, that feeling, that reality. So get off your butt and make your avocation relevant to us. Peace, blessings and inspiration be to you “all-ways.”

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