Peak Season


For those of us who live on the East or Gulf Coasts, we’re now headed into peak hurricane season. Although hurricane season begins in June, we frequently see the worst storms–and the ones that make landfall–between now and the end of November.

It’s kind of like Christmas shopping–the stores have the Christmas products on the shelf in October, but it’s the last few weeks when the shoppers go into a frenzy.

So, I’ve checked the generator, put the six-month old gas from the storage cans into the car and replaced it with fresh (and added the fuel stabilizer). I’ve checked the backup chargers for the cell phones, and of course the ham radio gear.

Now all I have to do is wait.

The last big storm we had was Hurricane Irene in 2011. We’ve had some damaging, but not disastrous weather since, so I’ve been waiting since 2011.

If you’re wondering, I much prefer waiting to dealing with a storm. Wish me a happy and successful 2018 wait, with no serious storms.


One response to “Peak Season

  1. Your hurricane post, Steve, reminded me a bit of where of I grew up and my dad’s fruit tree farm during the dry season and times of great sand storms. The town was Bakersfield, CA., and temps during the summer would hit 109–with sand storms that would blacken the skies for days. Like yourself, dad would prepare as best he could by picking some fruit early and storing them, and covering trees.

    At the same time, dad acknowledged God. Dad didn’t lower his expectations. Dad raised his level of performance and his expectations of God. He expected the best and did what was necessary to make it a reality. Somehow dad was blessed for his positive faith, and his farm and fruit continued to do well.

    I pray that this season pass you by and do you know no harm or damage, and that you and your family continue to be blessed.–rick

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