COVID-19 Progress

I’m slowly but surely recuperating (I hope). It is very difficult to do anything for long since I still have very little stamina or energy. Sleep at night is still 60 – 90 minutes filled with bad dreams, after which I wake up and struggle to go back to sleep.

I hate wearing a mask in my own home and keeping social distance from my wife.

My oxygen levels are slowly improving. We all tend to think that if we’re breathing, we must be doing fine in the oxygen department. With COVID-19, this is not necessarily true.

I can neither concentrate to write very much or to write very often, so my apologies. As my health improves, I should do better.

Repeating myself repeating myself–take every precaution possible. My experience with COVID has been totally, completely, and entirely nasty. I hope you never have to deal with it.

One response to “COVID-19 Progress

  1. Hang in there, Steve!

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