Holy Thursday

I may not express my thoughts today very well–they’re beyond my ability to understand or describe.

Holy Thursday, when Jesus shared supper with His apostles. Jesus asked Peter, James, and John to pray with him, but Jesus ended up praying alone. Judas betrayed Jesus. His friends were not there when He needed them.

Some prefer to call today Maundy Thursday, which refers to Jesus’ washing the apostles’ feet and the Gospel according to John focuses on this rather than Jesus’ blessing of the bread and wine. It was a monumental expression of love. No one, not even a slave, could be compelled to wash anothers’ feet, yet Jesus did–showing humility even though He was the very Son of God.

I have to love and identify with good old Peter. He first refused to let Jesus wash his feet, but when Jesus’ explained its importance, asked to be washed all over. Jesus had to explain why that was not necessary or appropriate. Peter, the bull in the china shop, echoes my shortcomings and inspires me to have faith. His clumsiness was always due to his overwhelming love for Jesus.

This day reminds us that we do not and cannot understand the mind of God. Knowing that God is inexplicable is comforting to me. My God is the one, living, and true God–incomprehensible and more powerful than I could ever imagine and so loving that He sent His only begotten Son for me and you.

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  1. Thank you, Steve! Excellent!

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