Korean Priorities

South Korea: We'll Kill Kim Jong Un If We Have to

It’s very difficult to find anything in the news that is either uplifting or just plain fun. After much searching, I finally found something worth sharing.

The Wall Street Journal reports that North Korea is willing to reopen negotiations under certain conditions. It’s important to emphasize this is North Korea, which refers to itself as “Korea” as opposed to South Korea, which refers to itself as “The Republic of Samsung.”

What does North Korea want? While they have an autocratic government, they are often pragmatic. They want sanctions relaxed.

Their main priorities are changes to allow them to import fuel, fine suits, and premium liquor.

As you may have seen, Kim Jung Un, the North Korean leader has recently lost a lot of weight, raising questions as to the state of his health. Some are concerned that this is evidence that he has some underlying health crisis. I believe that he may not have serious health problems.

Kim Jung Un may, in fact, have adopted a more healthy lifestyle with a better diet and regular workouts in his private gym. This is how he lost the weight.

Now that he’s buff (relatively speaking), he wants to get some spiffy new suits that don’t look like oversized bags. He then plans to fuel up the limo, cruise Pyongyang, pick up chicks, and ply them with (premium) liquor.

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