Through Rain and Sleet, We Cheap Out

The Fiscal Times. com

It’s rare to see a politician of any type—from the local dogcatcher to the Grand Imperial Poobah of Lacksandistan—be honest about anything.

  • They claim to be a faithful spouse. Sure, except for the occasional one-night stands.
  • They claim to be religiously pure. Sure, except for the occasional one-night stands.
  • They claim to be – – – never mind, you get the picture.

But there is one political figure who has promised and delivered—US Postmaster General Louis Dejoy. Dejoy’s education is in accounting and he is a CPA. Naturally, with that background, his experience is in working for a logistics company. This is much like having a degree in music and being the head of solid organ transplants at a major teaching hospital.

[If you need a moment to think about that, go ahead.]

His first employer was bought out. Oddly, he ended up as chief executive officer for the buyer. It’s a common affliction with accountants.

His main skill, though, was raising money for the Republican party, which had NOTHING to do with his appointment to the post first occupied by Benjamin Franklin. NOTHING!

Good old Louis promised to slow down the mail service and increase prices. He’s halfway there. My mail used to arrive at about 1:00 PM. Now it arrives at about 7:30 PM and half of the mail I send with the correct address and correct postage is returned 30 days or more after I mail it.

The price increases come next. MY advice? Buy a ton of “Forever” stamps as quickly as you can.

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