Schoolhouse Crock

A town in Northern South Dakota (not Southern North Dakota as some have reported) has reached a point of stability in determining their curriculum. Naturally, the school board, the librarians, and the teachers have input, but then the various syllabi are reviewed by the PTA, the School Resource (Police) Officers, and the Student Council. Input is then sought from the pastors of the larger churches representing every major faith as well as influential agnostics and atheists. Finally, the leaders of the major political parties provide their viewpoint. After such thorough vetting, no one has any objections.

The outcome is that during homeroom, attendance is taken and announcements made. The rest of the morning is taken up with recess (primary and middle school) or study hall (high school). There is a break for lunch, after which recess/study hall continues.

Given that this area is rural and primarily agricultural, only a few malcontents who want to go to college have complained, but they gather in underground “study cells.” Since these study cells are after school hours and outside of school property, nothing can be done to prevent it. Town leaders have promised to follow every possible lead to shut these down.

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