As you know, I’m easily baffled.

Actually, that is not true, but as a philosopher without portfolio, I do point out the baffling things in life for the benefit of others, with my personal opinion of an explanation. For example:

  • Why do architects insist on planting shrubs around their properties so that if you want to make a right turn on red or after a stop sign, traffic barreling toward you at 45 mph (which really means 55-60 mph) is not visible?
    • Personal opinion: I believe all the landscape architects and traffic engineers have relatives who repair automobile bodies and/or orthopedic surgeons.
  • Why do the manufacturers of expensive electronic devices coat their products with a coating that is black and somewhat cushioned when you buy them, only to dissolve into a gooey mass that can neither be removed nor stabilized?
    • Personal opinion: Most electronic devices are designed to require replacement either by dissolving into goo or having a total functional failure to require replacement. The length of time depends on the business cycle of the particular industry that manufactured it. Cell phones, for example, have a two year to 30 month life cycle.
  • Social media is just a miniaturized version of television and movies. In TV and movies, we know there are really no space aliens, the actors don’t look that good in real life, and the threats and explosions are fake. So why do some people believe everything they read online?
    • Beats the hell out of me.

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