Critical Updates

The QAnon shaman has announced he has changed lawyers. That is as significant as me changing socks. Honest, I do so, pretty much on a daily basis, although if I go from casual to dress-up, I may change them twice in the same day.

In the meantime, Robert Plant (kids, he’s an awesome musician who was in a group called Led Zeppelin [[the spelling was supposedly suggested by Paul McCartney]) has a solution for the friction between Paul McCartney and the Rolling Stones.

What friction?

Mick Jagger, years ago, said the there was no real competition between the Rolling Stones and the Beatles, because the Rolling Stones are a Rock’n’Roll band while the Beatles were a singing band–because on each album, each of the members sang a song.

Not to mention that McCartney gave a song or so to the Stones, because it wasn’t quite right for the Beatles; as well as Jagger appearing on (at least one) of the Beatles’ albums. Now, in fairness, perhaps Jagger was a more demonstrative fan of Monty Python than McCartney, but if that’s a big deal, my brother and I will have to meet with a brace of pistols at 20 paces.

People, we’ all face real issues and real conflicts. Mick Jagger recently strolled into a bar not too far from here and nobody noticed. Why? Because we all love the music. After all he’s given us, Mick’s entitled to a quiet beer in a bar while on tour.

Deep down inside, Most of us would like to share a pitcher of beer with either (or both) Jagger and/or McCartney and I’ll bet the conversation would be fascinating – not combative.

So, Paul, Mick and Robert Plant (sorry, Robert I don’t know if you ‘r comfortable with a diminutive). I’d be happy to sit across a table at a pub with you and just compare ideas. You talk. I’ll listen.

Well, I might add a thought or so–you never know.

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