New Year’s Eve

Tourists desperately looking for the Capitol gift shop.

The last day of the current year—the last of 2021.

Good riddance.

The climate was all hosed up. A sudden devastating fire in Boulder, Colorado destroyed nearly 600 homes and 1,600 acres. Thirty thousand people were evacuated. It is expected to be followed by a winter storm with heavy snowfall.

One thousand, two hundred, forty-nine tornadoes ripped through the United States destroying whole towns, killing 149, with thousands injured or homeless.

The COVID-19 hoax was reported to have infected near 300 MILLION people in the world with over 55 million in the USA. These numbers do not include those who used a home COVID test. US deaths approached 850,000. For a hoax, it was pretty damned deadly.

A huge, armed mob broke into the US Capitol wanting to hang Vice President Pence and kill various members of Congress because the president (at the time) told them to. The attack was described by some members of Congress—the same ones who hid under their chairs during the attack—as ‘just some tourists.’

Perhaps the worst event of 2020 was the death of logic. This was inevitable given that facts became irrelevant.

I know it’s misplaced optimism, but maybe 2022 will be better. I pray it won’t be worse.

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