Our local paper is the Virginian-Pilot, which by its title was obviously a compilation at least two separate papers (actually, there were more, but you get the idea). The paper was family owned until 1918 when it was sold to the Tribune Publishing Company, which was purchased by Alden Global Capital. Alden’s media subsidiaries are operated through Digital First Media. And Abraham begot Isaac . . . .

But I digress.

As often happens, local staff writers disappear, and many stories are just cut and pasted from the Associated Press. However, lately, their headline author/editor has shown a wry sense of humor.

With the COVID pandemic continuing ad nauseum (literally as well as figuratively) yesterday’s top headline:


Virginia doesn’t see a lot of snow, so when it’s in the forecast, all the meteorologists are on an adrenaline high an try to outpredict each other on doom and gloom. Today’s headline:

On your mark, get set, SNOW!

Now back to our regular depressing news, already in progress.

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