Here are a few miscellaneous thoughts from my wandering mind.

Marcel Schwantes (INC. Magazine) wrote that 48.5 percent of workers are looking to leave their current jobs. Apparently, the greedy bastards are looking for two things their current beneficent employers are not offering:

  • Higher pay
  • More opportunities


Through the negotiations of my children over the years, we have 1 dog and 3 cats. I cannot blame them for my parrot, which is mine. All of the animals are each convinced that they are in charge. Some of this is wickedly intentional.

In humans, especially human babies, there is a physiological action called the oral-anal reflex. When you feed a baby, it’s generally followed by a diaper change. Our dog has his own style of oral-anal reflex. Every time I sit down at the table to eat, he immediately goes to the door, whines, and rattles the doorknob with his nose. I think his response is more control-of-humans than anything else.   

Why does it seem like every time I’m at a stop sign or a traffic signal with a right turn on red, there is a 10 – 30 foot hedge blocking my view of oncoming traffic.  


Don’t try to read anything into this, just enjoy.                                

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