Election Shakeups in 2020

Everyone is watching elections-ALL elections to try to determine who will hold the real power after the 2022 elections. Here are my TOP FIVE predictions:

Sally M. will be elected president of the Shreveport PTA, just as she has for the past 12 years.

Jim B. will win, by the tightest of margins, the top Shriner spot.

Kathy Perry, in a surprise upset will win the Ohio Pie Contest, finally passing by Sandra Cain, who had won in the past due to political connections.

Francis X. will be the overwhelming choice for the Knights of Columbus, Grand Knight in Dubuque, Iowa.

Bob Cowznofski, who was featured in Who’s Who in the Midwest, Who’s Who in Advertising, and, of course, Who Gives a Damn as to Who’s Who, will not be elected to anything, nor even be mentioned in his local newspaper.

Just wait. Next year at this time, you’ll have to admit my prescience.

Count on it.

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