My wife and I went out for lunch today to Abbey Road in Virginia Beach. That may sound like a infinitesimally minor event, but it wasn’t. Most of you know that I have been schwacked and reschwacked by COVID.

Before that, on several occasions, I went off to war without a second thought; I cannot prevent war, or any injury that war might inflict on me, but I can prevent more damage from COVID. As a military officer, I differentiate between the battles I can win and those that are less certain.

Don’t laugh. Knowing what is winnable is important. Longstreet, Lee’s most experienced and savvy officer advised Lee against Pickett’s charge. Lee should have listened.

In any case, I was successful in the wartime assignments to which I was assigned. Up till now, COVID; not so much. Nevertheless, I am now at the point where I can and will once again grab onto my own life.

I had a wonderful day today. I plan on having a wonderful day tomorrow.

As the Klingons say “Today is a good day to die!” It, indeed, could be, but it could also be a great day to live.

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