Winter 2022

I grew up in northern Ohio. Winter was not only cold, but if Lake Erie isn’t frozen, as the winds came down through Canada, they pick up water vapor from the lake. When the winds hit land, which is colder, snow forms (often a LOT of snow). This is called lake effect.

I remember winters as being cold, windy, and lots of snow. By cold I mean single digits or lower, although the wind made it feel substantially colder. I worked at the downtown public library during high school, and waiting for the bus at 9:00 PM during the winter was cold, cold, cold.

I now live in Virginia. We rarely get snow here. Before sunset, it was 48 degrees Fahrenheit; right now, it’s 39 degrees. Many people down here begin to wear quilted coats, gloves, and scarves about 45 or 50 degrees. I’m not that bad–at least not yet.

However, with all the differences, when I walked outside today, I caught myself thinking, “Yes, it’s winter.” I think it’s the clouds. A winter sky just looks different than any other season’s cloudy sky. I believe it makes me feel colder than I actually am.

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