Lincoln Spins

Senator Romney expressed his displeasure at GOP members who supported Putin. Thanks, Mitt. Now, Republicans, what do you have to say?

[cricket chirp] [whirr] [cricket chirp] [whirr] [cricket chirp] [whirr]

The cricket chirps are from the Republican Party, while the whirring sound you hear is Abe Lincoln spinning in his grave. Pretty significant since after certain people tried to steal his body and hold it for ransom, it was placed under tons of rock and concrete.

But then, Abe was always an exceptional man in so many ways. After rogues attempted to steal his body and hold it for ransom–but failed–he was buried beneath the floor of the crypt, reportedly with a hefty load of concrete to prohibit future illegal disinterments. Therefore, his spinning was not nearly as easy as it would be for others in less constricted gravesites.

Nevertheless, it would be nice if you stood for something honest.

More’s the pity.

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