Random Thoughts

Just a few random thoughts, today:

I’ve been seeing inexpensive items that merely have a small sticker that says, “Made in China,” rather than a permanent mark on the product itself. Most labels quickly fall off—at least the side with printing on it. This could mean one of two things:

  1. China, like the United States, is now having their manufacturing outsourced to small countries to reduce costs.
  2. They may be back to using questionable ingredients, such as melamine, and need to establish plausible deniability.

The federal government’s efforts to curb spam calls is not going well. I have to wonder; how many members of Congress (or their spouses) have a financial interest in such activities?

I recently retired from federal civil service, after a career in the military. It was a painful experience, with a last minute screwup that delayed my retirement by four months. However, as I watch our elected officials in action, I’m grateful that ANYTHING gets done, no matter how poorly.

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