Doing the Right Thing vs. Doing the Profitable Thing

Russia has always had a tendency to value quantity over quality–at least in war. While other countries, including the United States use smart bombs and precision cruise missiles, it seems that the Russian philosophy has been–and still is–to use large quantities of explosives. Fire enough artillery shells, drop enough dumb bombs, etc.., and sooner or later you’re bound to hit something. Not necessarily a military target, but something.

In the meantime, Ukrainians are fighting back, but while Russia is lobbing shells into Ukraine, if Ukraine fired back into Russia, Putin has implied he would use nuclear weapons. The West has emphasized economic warfare, cutting off trade and access to foreign currency.

Many companies have chosen to support the economic sanctions, but some apparently place profit above all else. I understand that some are franchises and the parent corporation doesn’t have as much control. However, many appear to be just plain greedy.

I would think that the least that they could do is send a cease and desist letter that would say, “Effective immediately, you can no longer use our name, sell our products, or in any way involve us in your business until Russia stops killing Ukrainian women and children.”

Here’s an article that you may find interesting

Yale University also has a list as to which companies are involved with Russia at this time.

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