Political Lies

Lying doesn’t work.
It especially doesn’t work if you are lying to yourself.

Politicians are noted for their ability to lie (“How can you tell if a politician is lying? Their lips are moving). Right now, one of the prime candidates for Best Politician (aka Biggest Liar) is Vladimir Putin.

Vlad repeatedly promised that he had no intention of invading Ukraine.

Vlad vehemently denied sending conscripts into battle, until some were taken prisoner and expressed their dismay.

Many conscripts were blindsided when they found themselves in a war. Apparently Russian leadership told them they would be participating in a training exercise.

Russia has cut all foreign news sources possible so that only Russian broadcasters could present the party line. People in Ukraine who have family in Russia are being told they cannot be in a war, because if there were a war, it would be on the Russian news.

It appears that Vlad is lying to himself about how things are going in Ukraine.

Vlad’s lips have been moving, but it might be hard to tell since he’s at the other end of his 13-foot table.

I wonder if Putin was lying to Trump when they met.

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