Asteroid Delivery to Earth

Today, a refrigerator size asteroid struck the earth two hours after it was first discovered. On March 11, astronomer Krisztian Sarneczky noticed an asteroid at the Piszkéstető Observatory in Hungary. No meteorite pieces that survived re-entry have been found so far.

Given that a Hungarian observatory first spotted it and that any debris that didn’t burn up in the atmosphere is believed to have ended up in Norway, Vladimir Putin blamed Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelenskyy had no comment; apparently, he figured it was good for Putin to believe Ukraine had extraterrestrial military capability.

In the meantime, Louis DeJoy, United States Postmaster General declared the speed of the asteroid/meteor as wasteful. “If I had been in charge, it would have taken weeks for it to arrive AND I would have raised the rates while it was on the way.”

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