Hail the Honored Dead

Russian KIA (killed in action) in Ukraine

Those of us who have served in the US Military know that we are committed to never leaving a fellow service member behind, whether alive or not. It’s a sign of respect among those who are committed to the safety of our nation.

The Russian soldiers who invaded Ukraine are not afforded such respect. Many of them were lied to—being told they were going on a training exercise. Instead, they found themselves in a war. Thousands of Russian solldiers have died.

It is reported that Russia has sent in portable crematoria to dispose of the bodies of Russian soldiers. This allows Putin’s propagandists to claim that individual soldiers are missing in action or captured, not killed.

Apparently, the number of Russian soldiers killed is exceeding the capacity of the crematoria. Putin must believe that Russian soldiers are like trash. If they can’t be burned, like litter, just let them lie where they fall.

Ukraine is talking about putting the bodies in refrigerated trucks and returning them to Russia. This would involve digging up the mass graves as well as collecting the bodies left above ground. I suspect that if they tried that, Putin would destroy the trucks to keep the Russian people from seeing the thousands who had been killed. Truth is not Putin’s friend.

More detail is available at https://www.cnn.com/2022/03/23/europe/ukraine-war-russian-soldiers-deaths-cmd-intl/index.html.

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