Federal Rolls

The line between reality and satire is becoming harder to define.

The Founding Fathers never saw this coming.

Decisions regarding how to effectively deal with public heath crises have been transferred from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to the federal judiciary. For some reason it ended up in a court in Florida. Allegedly, this was suggested by Ginni Thomas, a conservative activist, to her husband Associate Justice Clarence Thomas.

Meanwhile in Florida, Federal Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle ruled that mask mandates were not legal. Judge Mizelle is not a qualified Public Health expert nor is she an epidemiologist nor learned in any other medical field. Even in her own field of law, the American Bar Association rated her as “NOT QUALIFIED” to be appointed a federal judge. She may not know anything about public health, but she knows what she likes.

Recently, Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett denied judges were political hacks. Since most people saw no reason for her to say this, as Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet; “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” Mitch McConnell, whose wife was Secretary of Transportation during the Trump Administration is alleged to have said, “It’s about time!”

In the meantime, Florida politicians are carefully combing arithmetic textbooks for kindergarten through third grade to ensure that there are no references to American History—especially concerning the enslavement of black people. The politicians don’t quite understand the actual math itself, but that’s why they have staff members to handle such things. Also banned are any books with references to sex, drugs, rock and roll, biology, or logic.

Now that the judiciary has assumed the role of writing new laws in addition to misinterpreting existing ones, the additional authority for public health, is not surprising. With the judiciary handling these responsibilities, it gives Congress more time to fundraise and make derogatory comments about just about everything.

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