It’s Not My Fault!

“Mr. Omato, I’m surprised at you. Maybe I shouldn’t be, given what your colleagues say about you.

“First, you seem to have ‘forgotten’ that government employees, such as you—as a member of the Secret Service—CANNOT receive a political appointment, such as you did when you became Mr. Trump’s chief-of-staff for operations. You are a well-educated man, both from university and training required by the Secret Service. It seems highly suspicious that you just forgot that you’d be breaking the law. Not to mention that it made the Secret Service look like a bunch of political hacks.

“Now, you claim that all the text messages relating to the January 6th insurrection are missing. You know that it is your responsibility to save any and all official documents. Your responsibilities—not the IT Department, not the National Archives, not anybody else, do you understand?”

“But . . .Well, we were changing equipment, and all the text messages were lost,” Special Secret Service Agent Anthony Omato explained.

“Mr. Omato, the rumor around here is that you are an accomplished liar. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but in any case, this is not grade school.

“I’m sure back then you claimed that your dogs ate your homework, which is just as unlikely as the computer eating your official correspondence!”

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