Political Puzzlers

As the world continues to prove its passion for insanity, I’m left to contemplate certain things:

  1. The conservatives continue to fight “Woke” philosophies. Does this mean they prefer catatonic beliefs?
  2. Should we consider those who rely on Twitter for their news to be Twits?
  3. Donald trump was famous for not reading. He didn’t read his daily intelligence briefings and may have read very little during his life. What is he going to do with thousands of pages of documents that should have been sent to the National Archives? (Having dealt with government documents, I can personally assure you they are dry as toast to  read.)
  4. According to history, the Rus (later called the Russians) began in Kyiv, Ukraine. Wouldn’t this mean that that Ukraine has a legitimate claim that it is Russia that is a breakaway portion of Ukraine rather than the other way around?

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