Deja Vu

We’ve grown almost complacent about mass shootings. Another day, another AR-15, another list of victims. The shooting at Uvalde, Texas had a few additional quirks. The police were at the school in short order, but there was a lack of incident command and no one was coordinating efforts, which resulted in additional casualties and justified anger from parents and others.

At an emotional hearing, relatives of children killed in the school shooting told Steven McCraw of the Department of Public Safety that he should step down. Some reports are that he had promised that if his department had failed in its duties, he would resign.

He later decided that he did not need to resign.

I had flashbacks to the early 1970’s. As the Watergate investigation unfolded, comedian and impressionist David Frye released an album, Richard Nixon: A Fantasy. One of the tracks has Richard Nixon explaining his role.

“I accept the responsibility, but not the blame.

“Let me explain the difference. People who are responsible keep their jobs. People who are to blame do not.”

As they say, history doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.

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