Girls Basketball Team Denied Trophy after Beating Boys for Championship

Whenever I think of Alabama—especially regarding issues like this—I cannot help but remember Vinny Gambini (Joe Pesci) saying, “Hey Stan, you’re in Ala-F***in-Bama.” Having lived in the Deep South, I can attest that things are different down there.

According to the article, an Alabama fifth-grade girls basketball team, which had played in the girls’ basketball league for three years, was told that they could not use the city’s gym unless they joined the city’s recreational league. This meant they would be playing the boys teams.

They joined the league and paid their dues. They played the boys. They did well and went all the way to the championship but were told that regardless of the outcome, they wouldn’t get the trophy or be named champions

The girls won. The boys’ team lost and was awarded both the title and the trophy.


The only reason was because they are girls!

This opens a whole new area of opportunities. In Alabama and other red states, after an election is over and the votes are all counted, in the unlikely event that a Democrat wins, they can give the victory to the GOP (Good Old [Boys’] Party) through the same logic. “They aren’t allowed to win—they’re Democrats!”

Here’s the article:

[Cue Tom Lehrer’s I Want to Go Back to Dixie]

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