Once upon a time (sorry)  people would get together and discuss their thoughts, dreams and ideas.  Some were writers like Tolkien and CS Lewis or Mary Shelley and Lord Byron.  Others were philosophers or scientists; the Ben Franklins and Henry Fords did not live in a vacuum. 

Today we may not gather at the pub or coffee-house but we do gather on the web.  However, for as advanced as the technology has become there is far too little intellectual interaction. 

The media is no help – everything they report is reduced to a sound bite to allow time for commercials.  When they do have discussions they have all the decorum of a kindergarten class that’s run short of graham crackers. 

I have more faith in human nature than that.  This blog is my attempt to start the exchange of ideas in an intelligent manner.  It is intended to promote thinking, discussing, satirizing and just having fun.

The comment section is for you.  Let me know what you like, what you hate and what you think I should write about.  You may post at will.

You can also email steve@sfnowak.com if you don’t want to leave a public comment.

8 responses to “Welcome

  1. Having been a friend and partner in crime to the author of this web site for nearly all of my life, I can only wonder at the mental mechanics that went into his decision to start it. Many years ago (more than I care to count,) he wrote a regular column for a professional publication that was more than humorous, as well as fairly insightful, into the health care industry. If this is half that good, it will be a great regular read. Good luck, Steve!

  2. I’ve always been a fan of “mental mechanics,” at least until prescription medication dulled it a bit. Anyway… like your writing humor. Keep it up!

  3. Twila Townend

    Looking forward to a good read. Haven’t found that anywhere else. Good luck from Tempe, AZ. Steve.

  4. Your content is refreshing 🙂 I blog about useless drivel, but this is a nice change! That, and your spelling is sublime.

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  6. I usually am the quiet observer: one who likes to sit in the dark corner of the room, watch every activity and listen to conversations with keen interest. Oftentimes it seems I have no opinion of my own, but when I do I’m quite verbal about it. I’m looking forward to learning from your thoughts and seeing if I can find an outlet to make my own opinions more of my own opinions! 🙂
    Liked the first post I read, and this as well… You just have one more follower!

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