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6 responses to “Contact Me

  1. Words of great wisdom! Thank you 🙂

  2. Women also spend an enormous amount of time planning a man’s FreeTime for him. Imagine just one activity(chore) not done, but that becomes the first priority for the man as soon as you get in from those ten hour days.

  3. Oh, here’s a bit of trivia: what got me to read a few of your posts, was your last name. A zillion years ago, I had a science teacher, last name of Nowak. He grew a phenomenal plant from my avocado seed….!

    • I never taught science a zillion years ago, although I have gone through many an avocado seed (and a ton of toothpicks) attempting to grow them. Last year when I was stirring up the compost in the compost bin, I saw that there was something that had sprouted – an avocado seed. I transplanted it to a pot and now it’s about 2 feet tall and due to be moved from the pot to the earth.

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