Kids (Starting with Mine)


A few confessions.

My parents were not famous, so I did not follow in their footsteps in film, music, or art.

I just learned how to make a living.

My wife and I are both talented and educated, but there are things more than our recognititon.

My wife did not pursue fame but put our children first.

Neither of us are famous, so our children have been expected to find their own way. Neither their Mom nor I said, “You’re going to be a [fill in the blank].” We let them find their forte, not ours. They did not go into international finance, politics, or other profitable directions.

It’s shameful, I know, but what can I say? When I sought my own way, I learned may things I otherwise would not have. I wanted my children to have the same chance. So?? My children are educated and continue to seek more education.

My children have been trained in music.

My children are finding their own way and surpassing me and my wife in their successes.

Some people’s life may be different, but as for me, I say, “Go, kids!!!”