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A Dichotomy of Operating Systems


Windows 8.1 is loading on several computers around the house as I write this. The rest have already been returned to good old reliable Windows 7.

Although I haven’t had the chance to try Windows 8.1, I’ve been reading the reviews and came to the following conclusion. It’s more a preliminary conclusion, but you know what I mean.

Android, Apple iOS, etc. are aimed at tablet users (I know –duh- but bear with me). When using a tablet or smartphone the tendency is to surf, cruise, web, tweet, take pictures, etc. It’s fun stuff. It’s quick and dirty. LOL

On the other hand, I don’t want to swipe, drag, or arrange applications on my computer. I want to enter data as a blog or other written document, analyze data in a spreadsheet or do detailed Photoshopping to a photograph. For me, this involves a keyboard and a mouse.

Windows 8.0 tried to straddle both markets, which is like trying to design a garbage truck that can go 0 – 60 mph in 3.5 seconds, get 60 miles per gallon, comfortably seat 7 as well as being an incredible chick magnet.

Things can be made: Fast. Cheap. Effective. – Pick two.

Now, just for full disclosure – I use a Kindle Fire as a reader and sometimes as a browser, etc. I’ve got an android smart phone so I’m not anti-touchscreen. It’s just that when writing IMHO I need a keyboard.

Can Windows 8.1 satisfy 2 sets of users?

Is this the end of Microsoft dominating the market?

Will this separate the old fuddy duddies from the Facebook generation?

Stay tuned!

It’s Legal


There has been a lot of angst about recent court decisions and legislative actions. Mainly these address things that some people do not approve of being legalized.

Same sex marriage.




There’s a huge difference between legal and right.

It’s legal to create phony offshore corporations in order to avoid paying taxes. It’s legal to sell clothing made in prison-like sweatshops in Bangladesh. It’s legal to sell iPods made in Chinese factories in which the workers must work 18 hour days and live in company dormitories so they can be awakened at any hour of the day or night when Apple wants to try something new.

God gave us a free will to choose what is right and pleasing to Him. He didn’t restrict our ability to decide; He told us what He wants and then lets us decide on our own. We don’t always decide wisely (remember the apple thing in the Garden of Eden?)

I suspect that He won’t be impressed with our legal loopholes or our skillful splitting of hairs. He’s going to expect us to have done what was right.

It may be legal to ignore the poor, but we do so at our peril. It may be legal to seek revenge for our enemies, but Jesus instructed us to pray for them instead.

Jesus challenged us to be perfect, just as the Father is perfect.

We (starting with me) area long way from perfect, but we can try to do what is right.

Goodbye Windows XP


In less than a year, Windows XP will no longer be supported by Microsoft. This means no more updates, upgrades or security patches. For software, that’s pretty much the end.

Microsoft’s operating systems are like some families, there are winners, losers, and some family members we don’t even talk about.

Windows was Microsoft’s blatant attempt to have an operating system just like Apple’s. (See, it’s different; Apple has a trash can, Microsoft uses a recycling bin!!)

The first successful version of Windows was version 3.0. Version 1 and 2? Don’t ask.

For most of us, what came next was Windows 95 and 98 which were okay. An improvement here, an improvement there, but not earth shattering.

In 2000, Microsoft released Windows ME which was the first of Microsoft’s marketing efforts to get people to change to Apple computers. Windows ME was notable for its instability and was derided as “Mistake Edition” or “Many Errors.”

Everything up to this point Windows was a Graphical User Interface (GUI – pronounced gooey) bolted on top of the old command driven Disk Operating System (DOS). Basically you used a mouse to point and click and the computer essentially entered the equivalent old DOS command for you. However, a mouse was easier than remembering a couple of hundred commands each of which had to be typed in the exact correct manner. Windows XP eliminated this extra step and proved to be a robust reliable performer.

Totally unsubstantiated rumor has it that Microsoft realized that people would flock to whatever new operating system it released. If true, this would also mean that they wouldn’t have to make good operating systems every time.

If so, that would explain Windows Vista. Vista was universally recognized as a “target rich environment” for improvement. Many businesses elected to stay with or return to Windows XP. Everyone waited for the updates to correct the problems.

Microsoft’s solution was to release Windows 7; this meant you could buy what Windows Vista should have been rather than Microsoft correcting it. That was the bad news. The good news was that Windows 7 worked, was reliable and did most of the things that users wanted.

Then came Windows 8, supposedly for tablets, although it runs clumsily on laptops. Unfortunately, lots of people spell tablet “i-P-a-d” or else have something like a Kindle or Nook that uses its own operating system. Industry sources say that sales of PCs have dropped recently, and they believe the reason is that since the only option is Windows 8, people are holding off.

A winner, XP is being deep sixed. Windows 8, on the other hand…

I only recently took Windows XP off the only computer still running it and installed Windows 7.

At the same time, I updated 2 other computers by removing Windows 8 in favor of Windows 7.

So, to XP, I say, thanks for all the hard work. You’ll be remembered among geeks for a long time.

Blogging is Different

Blogging is different from many other technological applications. It’s meant to be shared.

It’s kind of like how music used to be.

Most of today’s marvels act to separate and isolate us.


Sitting at the table at the restaurant texting someone who is somewhere else (ignoring the people around them, as well.)

Playing Angry Birds on my iPod, iPad, iPhone, or iWant to be alone.

Listening to music, all by myself with my earbuds blocking out everything and everybody.

Driving with 90% of my concentration devoted to the cell phone. (I wonder when some people die, if the mortician will have trouble releasing their arm from the cellphone-to-the-ear pose. Maybe they’ll just make specially shaped caskets…)

On the other hand, blogs allow us to communicate across both time and space.

To share ideas.

To share a joke and laugh together.

Thanks for letting me share.