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Bathroom Humor

No, not that kind – just thoughts about the modern bathroom.


It’s interesting that public restrooms, the term that is often used to describe grossness, have gone high tech while the home bathroom is essentially unchanged.

First, the mix of toilet types in public restrooms. Some flush themselves. Some don’t need flushing. Some are still the do-it-yourself. And I’m not counting the ones that are out of order.

A mom with a young daughter told me about the trauma of her toddler using the restroom. Because she was so small, the sensor would “see” her then not “see” her and repeatedly flush – a sensation the young lady found most disconcerting. Probably put her potty training progress back at least 6 months.

Some bathrooms have automatic sinks. Others have automatic soap dispensers and most have automatic towel dispensers, but there seems to be no logic behind the selection. You almost think the plumbers are having fun at our expense.

If you really want to make me happy, how about an automatic door opener so I’d be spared the need to touch the door handle just used by the people who don’t wash their hands.

While I dislike traditional blow driers, I must admit I do like the new ones with 150 mile per hour blowers – of WARM air. They actually work (without the need to use my pants as a towel) and it’s fun just to watch the skin on my hands ripple in the Jetstream. But then I am easily amused.

Maybe that’s why home bathrooms haven’t changed. After being confused as to which fixture is automatic and which one is manual, it’s kind of reassuring to go home and not have to figure out how to use the bathroom.

Modern Advances

Technology! It brings us so many things, yet does it truly make things better?

Handwritten letters in the mail had a personality of their own, but all e-mails look alike.



I used to like to fill the bathtub with warm water and luxuriate in it with a book or magazine. Now I get my books and magazines on my Kindle.

Can’t read a Kindle or a Nook much less an iPad in a bathtub.

I used to love to go for a Sunday drive with my parents and see parts of the area that I normally didn’t see. Now I rely on my GPS, and if something catches my interest I hear,

“When possible make a legal U-Turn…”

Of course, when my kids reach my age, they’ll be telling their grandchildren, “We used to stay in touch with our best friends by smartphone, all day and half the night…”