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Minor Blessings

There are major blessings – My faith, my wife, my family – and there are minor blessings.

Some of the minor blessings I’ve had relate to places where I’ve lived. When we lived in Baton Rouge, a trip to New Orleans was as easy as a trip to the mall.

When we lived in Florida, a trip to Disney World or Universal Studios was a day trip and I watched space shuttle launches from my driveway.

While living in Wyoming, a trip to the high plains was, well, just outside the back door, and the Rocky Mountains were an easy drive.

Living in Virginia, I frequently drive by famous battlefields from the Revolutionary or Civil War. I can quickly get to the beach and with very little effort, to the mountains.

My wife and I are enjoying a long weekend together and decided to head up to Washington, DC – another quick trip. Since it is so close, and we have no specific agenda; we parked the car and will use the Metro for most, if not all travels. Who knows where we’ll end up?

I brought my camera, and haven’t taken any pictures yet, so there’s no picture today. I’ll try to post tonight, but, this is DC, so there hotel has a $10 charge per device for internet access and the next 24 hour chunk of access is her turn.

Nevertheless, the important thing is that as I’ve traveled through this life, God has blessed me at every turn. I guess it’s His way of saying, “I’m here,” and more importantly, “I care.”

Whether a blessing is earth-shatteringly large, or as small as finding something you’ve given up for lost, it’s nice to know God is here, and here for me.

He’s there for you to – and He’s never hard to find, if you just look for Him.

Prior Planning Prevents ?!$$ Poor Performance

Oil painting  Jean Leon Gerome Ferris

Oil painting
Jean Leon Gerome Ferris

I love planning.

I love determining where an effort is and to where it is headed.

I love figuring out how to get to the goal; what resources are needed; what obstacles lie in the way, and how to get around them.

I hate planning.

I hate the way that people “wish away” all of the problems.

What if there’s a hurricane? No, problem, we handle hurricanes all the time.

What if the levees don’t hold; the Ninth Ward could be flooded? Don’t worry, the levees are fine.

What if we need to evacuate hundreds of thousands of people? That’s why we have Interstate 10 and Interstate 12, so it will be fine.

Too bad I can’t just wish away those people who wish every problem away.