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Cowards & Heroes

Although I am trying to stick to more upbeat topics, I just have to comment on some recent news.

The bombing at the Boston Marathon was horrific. It is the sign of a spineless weasel totally without honor to plan and carry out such an act. Hiding. Sneaking. Hurting innocent people, then running away.

The same type of spineless and dishonorable weasel who would rape a young girl and post the pictures on the internet.

I have no use for such cowardly slime.

Thank God, there is another side to the story. In Boston, before the smoke had cleared, people – good people ran toward rather than from the scene to help. Some fashioned tourniquets from belts. Others grabbed a piece of cloth and applied pressure; when no cloth was available, they stanched bleeding with their bare hands. They carried people. They saw what was needed and provided whatever help they could.

To those people, I say thank you, and God bless you.