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Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is*

I’ve never been crazy about switching back and forth between standard time and daylight savings time. I realize that daylight savings time is worth billions of dollars to the outdoor grill and charcoal industries, the gulf courses, and–at least on Halloween, the candy manufacturers.

But why switch back and forth? Oh, I forgot, our Congress came up with that idea to save energy, even though it actually uses MORE energy and there’s a great loss of efficiency whenever we change.

Time is pretty arbitrary to begin with. If you set up a sun dial in your backyard, with precise orientation, the time at your location is very unlikely to match the time your clock/telephone/nuclear synched weather station, etc. We have time zones because the railroads needed it back in the 19th century–today I guess it’s for network television.

Take the Eastern Time Zone. It stretches from Qaanag (Thule), Greenland to Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. In Qaanag, sunrise today is at 0819 (8:19 AM) with sunset at 1912 (7:12 PM).

In Indianapolis–in the same time zone–sunrise is at 0758 (7:58 AM) and sunset at 1949 (7:49 PM). On the east coast of Virginia, sunrise is at 0719 (7:19 AM).

Since it is so arbitrary, anyway, why don’t we just stop switching back and forth. Personally, I’d prefer staying on daylight savings time–I like a little sunshine after I get off of work.

Daylight Savings Time


We’re coming up on the time to “Spring Ahead.” I’ve never figured out if it’s a good economic decision or not. Supposedly they compared parts of Indiana from before they shifted to DST to after their shift and decided that instead of saving money, it cost money.

Who knows?

Who cares?

All I know is I get to cook outside on the grill without the need for my halogen work lights and things cook better when the ambient temperature is above freezing.

I guess that means I’m somewhere at the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy.

It’s probably because when I grill, it smells good, tastes good, the dog is very attentive and I can play guitar while I’m watching the grill.

Works for me.