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Prior Planning Prevents ?!$$ Poor Performance

Oil painting  Jean Leon Gerome Ferris

Oil painting
Jean Leon Gerome Ferris

I love planning.

I love determining where an effort is and to where it is headed.

I love figuring out how to get to the goal; what resources are needed; what obstacles lie in the way, and how to get around them.

I hate planning.

I hate the way that people “wish away” all of the problems.

What if there’s a hurricane? No, problem, we handle hurricanes all the time.

What if the levees don’t hold; the Ninth Ward could be flooded? Don’t worry, the levees are fine.

What if we need to evacuate hundreds of thousands of people? That’s why we have Interstate 10 and Interstate 12, so it will be fine.

Too bad I can’t just wish away those people who wish every problem away.

The (Hurricane Sandy) Saga Continues

So far, Hurricane Sandy appears to be headed north of us. Of course, that’s the actual center of the storm – the southern part of the storm that we may experience is still within the system and will manifest itself primarily as wind and rain.

The biggest problem may be at high tide tomorrow. The tide goes in. The tide goes out. Except when it doesn’t.

WTKR Weather Coverage

At times like this, the tide comes in and the wind keeps it in. Then the next high tide comes along and pushes more water in. That’s when the street looks like a small river – which will probably happen tomorrow morning around 9:42 or so, when high tide occurs.

The other big issue is that as the wind hits, trees with leaves are more affected by the wind than trees without leaves. The trees still have lots of leaves. Trees falling over in and of themselves are not a big deal, but they do have a nasty habit of toppling power lines and blocking roads.

So the bottom line is that of the many things that may happen…

…at any minute…

…because this is a tense situation…

…so take cover…

Very little has happened so far.

But you never know.