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Us vs. Me



“Wait, I need to take a selfie!”

Far too many events today are due to decisions by people who think only of themselves.

This is unnatural.

The hermit, alone in his cave, has always been an idiosyncratic caricature. The word hermit is derived from the word for desert or desert dweller. Deserts are not particularly attractive to people who depend on hunting and gathering. Deserts are more successful as after the invention of are air-conditioned houses and refrigerated food trucks. (Casinos, although optional, seem inevitable.)

Humans from earliest times sought out one another.  Our ancestors, the Homo erectus, (stop thinking dirty thoughts–it refers to having the ability to stand upright) or Homo sapiens neanderthalensis  tended to keep their families together, eventually becoming tribes. Some believe that the reason that there are no identifiable descendants of the Neanderthals is because the two groups combined and interbred, ultimately resulting in us, Homo sapiens.

We belong together, but sometimes are reluctant to admit it. As such, in order to survive and prosper, we must look at things in terms of the common good. Life is not a zero-sum game (if I win, you lose). It is a life-or-death struggle in which WE win or lose.

I could wax poetic for another 300 pages, which I might enjoy, but WE, as a totality, would not, so I’ll stop.

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That’s Why It’s A Mystery!

Omega Nebula wikipedia

Omega Nebula

There’s an upcoming debate between a scientist and a strict Biblical adherent as to how God created the world.

Did He create it in precisely 6 days of 24 precise hours each? What if it was a leap year? Did He adjust?


Did He wait around a couple of eons for Big Bang material (the astrophysical type, not the TCV show) to gather, turn into primordial soup, basic amino acids until man evolved?

Of course when you’re eternal, an eon is unimpressive.


I asked God, how he made the world, and He answered me.

“If Houdini, Blackstone and Penn & Teller won’t tell you how they do what they do, why would I?”

Then He laughed, but it was a friendly, happy, good natured laugh. The he added,

“Wait till you see the encore!”