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Imaginary – Relaxing Weekends Are


Courtesy George Lucas, LucasFilms, Disney, Frank Oz, etc.

Courtesy George Lucas, LucasFilms, Disney, Frank Oz, etc.

I remember once believing that weekends were a time to relax, unwind and recover from the work week.  I’m convinced that such an impression was induced by side effects of one of the many medications I’ve been on over the years.

So I began to think back on my younger years –

In high school, weekends were spent working on Saturday, staying up w-a-a-y too late on Saturday, and hanging out with friends on Sunday.

As a young adult, after working all week at the hospital, I’d spend Saturday shooting wedding pictures and Sunday taking call at the hospital.

For most of 30 years, one weekend a month was spent on Navy Reserve duty.

My eldest was born in 1975. My youngest children are teenagers. Needless to say, that affects weekends significantly.

With my teenagers, it was a soccer weekend. (All soccer! All the time!)

I’ve finally come to the realization that relaxing weekends are like Hogwarts, Vulcan Mind-Melds and Jedi Masters. They are great images, but don’t really exist.

Random Thoughts

It’s Friday (Okay, it’s actually Saturday morning, but it’s early Saturday morning) – time for some (very) random thoughts


I can understand the bumper stickers that proclaim your child is an honor student; the child is proud of his accomplishment and wants to show it off. On the other hand, I don’t quite understand the “I love my [dog breed]” stickers. Do these people understand that their dogs can’t read?

Now that we have automatic toilets, soap dispensers, faucets and hand driers, would these create problems for the Invisible Man?

Kids want to know with cellphones everywhere, why still have a “land line” phone. That’s easy — because “I can hear you now” as opposed to “Can you repeat that?”

My computer wanted to change the line above to “a land line phone have.” Sounds like Yoda. I guess everyone is excited about the upcoming Star Wars movies.

Remember when your mother thought that the way to make any dish a gourmet meal only required pouring Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup over it?

Why do men generally prefer to cook outdoors? Bigger flames, lots of smoke and beer.

Why do most women look in the mirror and notice every flaw, completely missing their attractiveness while most men look in the mirror and see someone slightly better looking than the latest Hollywood heartthrob? Might be due to the exposure to the flames,, smoke and beer.

Sundown, Good Friday

PietaMichelangelo Buonarroti1499

Michelangelo Buonarroti

Satan had never been particularly fond of sundown on Friday, since it marked the beginning of the Jewish Sabbath. Perhaps, two millennia ago he was more comfortable because the Sabbath had become a burden, rather than a cause for joy. The Pharisees had defined most activities, including how far you could walk before you were violating the Sabbath. It was a set of complicated rules rather than a day of rest.

This particular Friday had to be especially disconcerting. Satan had seen Jesus ridiculed, beaten, abused, and tortured. No doubt this pleased him while simultaneously frightening him. Even he knew that things were not as they seemed. He had to wonder what was going to happen.

Many believe that when Jesus cried out, “My God! My God! Why have you forsaken me?” was the point at which Jesus took on all the sins of the world. For the first time in eternity Jesus was not completely connected with the Father and it was terrifying and disorienting.

At that moment, Satan saw countless souls he had seduced, cajoled, lied to, and threatened slip through his very fingers. The justice they deserved was now paid in full, and they were reunited with God.

Jesus told us He had the ability to lay down His life and pick it up again. I think that once He had paid our debt, His job was done and He laid his life down. It was His choice to save us, and His choice to return the Father.

Satan had known from the very beginning that his quest was unachievable, but his ego was such that he continued anyway. I’m sure that even with our redemption, his arrogance demanded that he redouble his efforts. Even today you can see his efforts.

But it doesn’t matter. We have been saved. We have been forgiven. We are loved by our God and by His only begotten Son.

Give thanks. It is right and just.

The Best Laid Plans

The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men,
Gang aft agley,
An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,
For promis’d joy!
– Robert Burns

This past weekend was a three day weekend because of Presidents’ Day. My wife and I decided that I should take a vacation day along with it. Four days off in a row! What opportunities! We could get so much done and then just spend some time together, maybe shopping, going out for a meal, or whatever. I had a list of things I wished to accomplish, starting with cleaning out my study. Every week I think, “Maybe next weekend I’ll get my study in order.” With four days, this was finally going to be the weekend!

Friday I realized I had a dental appointment after work, but no worries, the weekend would start immediately after that. Except that my daughter had soccer practice, and my wife was already gone with my son to his practice. When practice was over, I expected her to come running off the field so we could head home; instead newly inspired, she continued to practice some of her moves solo, and was most unhappy when I suggested we get headed.

It was now late.

Saturday offered all kinds of possibilities, although Katie had a soccer game in the morning, and Adam had a game in the evening. It had started to snow, and in true Virginia fashion, the weathermen (excuse me, meteorologists), reeking of adrenaline, were describing every possible catastrophic outcome with bated breath.

The officials at the Field House cut the second half of the soccer game by 5 minutes to clear people out early, so naturally the coach saw this as a chance to wax poetic with the team after the game.

We grabbed a couple of pizzas on the way home.

Sunday was the great “Battle of the Kitchen Sink” over which I ultimately prevailed. Barb took Adam to his flag football game while I grilled steaks so that they would be ready when everyone got home. The only thing scarier than a starving teenager is a teenager who’s starving because of athletic exertion. The meal was ready on time and casualties were averted.

Monday. The long weekend is quickly slipping away. The funny noise in my wife’s car got louder and we dropped it off for service. It was a very disturbing sound. If you listened carefully you could hear spelled out in Morse Code, “I’m going to be expensive!”

Even though there was no school, Adam’s high school was conducting tryouts for the soccer teams. This was three hours in the morning, three hours break, and then three hours in the afternoon. I had been marinating meat for several days so we could have shawarma for dinner, so I was focused on that.

Katie had several projects for school that should have been done earlier in the weekend, but now demanded her attention and she demanded mine.

Then the dog got sick.

Not terribly unusual, as any dog owner will attest.

In the early evening it was obvious that the dog was more than just sick. Barb drove and Adam carried the dog into our veterinarian’s office. After x-rays and IV fluids, the vet told us he needed to go to the emergency veterinary hospital. We waited there until almost midnight. After weighing the options presented by the vet, we decided to go ahead and have her perform emergency surgery.

To make a long story short, when Louis gets a bone, he doesn’t just gnaw on it, he completely destroys it. Well, not completely – bone shards had perforated his stomach and small intestine. The surgery seemed successful and Louis should be home tomorrow.

Now it’s Tuesday – may vacation day and day four of my four day extended weekend.

I’ve revised my “To-Do” List.

  1. Shred old “To-Do” List
  2. Unconditionally surrender

Maybe next weekend is when I’ll get my study in order.