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That Was Then, This Is Now

I used to love Spencer’s Gifts – the penultimate shop for the young.

Blacklights? Yep. Weird and delightful decorations? They’ve got it covered.

When I was a kid, once we made our way past the dinosaurs, from time to time there was a clay tablet version of Spencer’s catalog in the mailbox.

Okay, I fibbed about the dinosaurs, but since this was before shopping malls Spencer’s was mainly a mail order house.

But then came the malls. I remember lusting over a Darth Vader helmet at Spencer’s back in the 1970s. Alas, it was almost forty bucks, well above my means at the time.

Yes, I’ve since acquired one – I think that’s why I get e-mail advertisements from Spencer’s.

I see the 20-something models portraying independence and hedonism in their ads, but I don’t criticize. Why?

Because when I was that age, that was exactly where I was – just not so photogenic.

Almost Christmas

To belabor the obvious – it’s almost Christmas, or as kids everywhere like to remind us, it’s Christmas Eve-eve.


Chevy Chase
National Lampoon’s
Christmas Vacation

We’re making the last minute preparations – the things that parents look at one another and realize, “I didn’t think about that either!” At least it’s better than, “I thought you were going to take care of it!”

So for the next few days, the blog will be short and sweet – or short in any case.

Now, don’t just stand there – try to remember where you hid that very-very special gift you bought in October then stashed it in a place, “that you’ll remember…”