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The Computers are Dropping Like Flies


I’ve been playing with computers a long time. I go back to Beginners’ All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code (BASIC) with mechanical teletypes and punched paper tape. My first personal computer arrived as a bag of parts and had a whopping 256 BYTES and require programming in hexadecimal.

Since then, the computers have gotten smarter while I’ve remained static.

Today my house is rife with computers. There are 3 people with laptops, including me, although I also get the leftovers and castoffs. There’s a ham radio/weather computer; if you want to know the weather in my world you can see it at http://wx.findu.com/ke8yn.

There’s my son’s gaming computer, my desktop and 1 iPad, 3 other tablets plus cell phones. That’s, umm, something like a lot of computers.

My son had picked out a new laptop for my wife, but after she tried it, she decided she like her old one better, so even though it was old, she went back to it and I got her new computer as my laptop.

(If you can’t follow, don’t worry, it’s not really important.)

In any case, my desktop computer began to act weirdly. This computer started as a Hewlett-Packard, but over time, the motherboard, hard drives, case, power supply, etc. got changed. It’s kind of like “Grampa’s axe.” It’s had three new handles and a new head, but it’s grampa’s axe.

I replaced it once, but my son adopted the new one, so I went back to the computer-that-used-to-be-an-HP.

That computer, my desktop computer, began to exhibit strange symptoms recently, especially after upgrading the operating system. I realized that it was time to replace it.

I perused the “barebones” computers to find just the right mother board, CPU, memory, case and such and made my decision. I chose a combination that would make my son jealous. I ordered it.

One point zero zero nanoseconds later, my wife’s laptop died an immediate and painful death. It too had to be replaced.

So, I’m spending the remaining portion of the weekend transferring files and settings.

And how did you spend your weekend?

Blogging is Different

Blogging is different from many other technological applications. It’s meant to be shared.

It’s kind of like how music used to be.

Most of today’s marvels act to separate and isolate us.


Sitting at the table at the restaurant texting someone who is somewhere else (ignoring the people around them, as well.)

Playing Angry Birds on my iPod, iPad, iPhone, or iWant to be alone.

Listening to music, all by myself with my earbuds blocking out everything and everybody.

Driving with 90% of my concentration devoted to the cell phone. (I wonder when some people die, if the mortician will have trouble releasing their arm from the cellphone-to-the-ear pose. Maybe they’ll just make specially shaped caskets…)

On the other hand, blogs allow us to communicate across both time and space.

To share ideas.

To share a joke and laugh together.

Thanks for letting me share.